My gynecologist loves me.


Merijn Hos

The only thing I miss about living on the east coast is getting ready with my sister, corbineatsfaces.
We don’t make it out often but we fuckin’ SLAY at “gettin’ ready to go out.”


Leon Ferrari. Untitled, 1960

Hreinn Fridfinnsson - Attending, 1973

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My sweet lady love, Thelma the Therizinosaurus by bettertodestroy

n0stalgiaw0rld asked:
Hey lil' pup! How are you doing? How was your spur trip to LA? ;)

👋 ahoyhoy, buddy!

Things are going fabulously as of late!! What began as a spur of the moment trip to see my best friend turned into going to meetings, discussing future projects, and getting things together to move down there.
My head is spinning in the best way!

I never thought I’d want to leave my castle on a foggy cloud but I think I’m finally ready to move to Los Angeles. The bay has provided me with both the confidence and strength of spirit to go out and do my damn thang. I’m finally ready to pursue my dreams fulltime.

After life imploded in the bay (after a year of perfection), instead of wallowing in sadness I convinced myself the universe was simply trying to help me turn the page and provide me with a path down south. The more I feed that belief, the more real and tangible it becomes. Like, on the rul- shit is straightup silly goose status right now.

Now I’m back east in DC visiting my family for a week.

How are you doin’, tiny dancer??

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For his Shaping Clouds project, Martín Feijoó draws whimsical illustrations on top of cloud formations.

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