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I just got your postcard!! Ashley you're the greatest! Be expecting a response ASAP ;)

I really hope that handwritten letters, care packages, and unsolicited surprises in the mail (I don’t mean anthrax or drugs, more like random notes of encouragement and weird doodles) starts trending because it seriously feels so dang good to have pen pals and if everyone did it I think the world would benefit tremendously.

Glad you got and dug it, lady! 😁👋❤️
You’ve got me excited for what’s to come!!

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The world is full of beautiful people. An anonymous man in Saudi Arabia installed a giant refrigerator in front of his house. He and his neighbors leave their leftovers in it daily, providing free food for the less fortunate children in his town. He wants to spare them the “shame” of begging, and provide them with proper meals instead. 

Come on, just kill this, demands and notions, all this commotion is not worth it,
Come on, just give this a second coming, an age is dawning with our smiles and laughter



Shine On | Vogue Germany November 2013, Photographed By Julia Noni.

Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.
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We can grow in the strangest of places.
Sometimes what appears poisonous and troublesome at the outset requires a second look to understand the depth, beauty, and necessity of.
It’s always there- in sunshine, fog, and heavy storms.
The trick is finding the best angle and mental filter to place it in it’s perfect light.


The art of Elfandiary


From right to left): Scalp - Periosteum - Bone - Dura Mater - Arachnoid Mater - Pia Mater - Brain Tissue.


You found paradise in the Pacific Northwest. Somewhere between that mountain range and the stress stuffed in every corner of your brain. The mist blew across your face and you forgot every anxious thought you’ve ever had. All those lost opportunities and loves. All those days missed hiding in the comfort of your mind. You sat on the front porch of your consciousness and you could finally breathe.

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Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see. Every breath we take, every step we take, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity. The question is whether or not we are in touch with it. We need only to be awake, alive in the present moment.
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