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I’ve been buying underwear marketed to fellas recently because

In a years time I’ve gone from being unemployed, sobbing for no reason on the floor in the fetal position everyday, living in my parents attic at 26 years old,
to selling all I own, starting anew, moving across the country, living in my dream-come-true city, realizing/actualizing my dreams, doing everything completely on my own…independent of parents and a partner.

And while that is fucking awesome, it is still pretty terrifying and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m completely unworthy of all this. Like I’m dipping my dirty, human hand in the almighty multi-verse’s goblet, soiling it and lapping it up sloppily, spilling it everywhere.

It’s been more challenging than I ever could have imagined but with each messy fragment I pick up and place on my own I realize just how capable I truly am. Every single thing I thought I “couldn’t do” this time last year, I’m doing now.

The fear/swirling anxieties that once encased me and turned my shoes into cement is crumbling with each step I take. Am I truly ready for this? Am I worthy of such awesome power? Am I, per the usual, thinking too deeply?

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"this is what it feels like" anatomical heart collage by bedelgeuse

Anonymous asked:
I have a big weird crush on you!!! I don't know what to do??!!!

How weird are we talking,
secret-closet-shrine or “I wanna wear your skin as a mask”?

Typically I set several alarms on my phone to keep me tethered to reality on the weekends, as I have a nasty habit of loosing myself/any sense of time in creative vortexes. But I accidentally left my phone in Jill’s car, so it’s in LA and I went deep down a rabbit hole making 20-some odd new pieces to be uploaded to @shop_linderland this week.
ATTN paleodweebs: the center set are all certified fossils spanning the Paleozoic to the Cenozoic! I know, I know… I nerd-came too. #teamneverbored #todayimade


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In my defense, I’ve only ever spelled kumquats with a “c” and I love alliterations.
I had no idea that was the “nasty, inappropriate spelling” until my boss asked me “Ashley, what have you done?!”

The weather varies between heavy fog and pale sunshine; My thoughts follow the exact same process.
Virginia Woolf, 21 April 1918  (via middecember)

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